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Lawn Maintenance

Landscapes R Us are lawn maintenance experts
...with many years of experience in creation, care, feeding, and renovation of lawns and turf, at homes and businesses of all sizes.
Spring Clean Up
  • Remove all papers, cans, litter from property.
  • Sweep clean all curbs on property.
  • Weed all landscape areas and curbs.
  • Edge and clean up around all existing landscaped beds, borders, and trees.
  • Remove all leaves and branches from turf and landscape areas.
  • Air blow entire lawn area.
Turf and Property Maintenance
  • Turf cut to the height of 2" - 2.5" on a weekly basis. Grass clipping to be caught and removed from site.
  • Trim and edge around all landscape beds, existing trees, curbs, and sidewalks.
  • All weeds pulled in shrub beds and areas not sprayed.
  • Weekly weeding of all landscaped areas.
Fall Clean Up
  • Lawn and property will be maintained at the end of the growing season and on a weekly basis. All leaves, sticks, and excess debris will be removed from the property.
  • Liming all areas in October to maintain a pH of 6.5, actual amount to be determined by the results of a soil test.
  • Five applications of fertilizer to be applied, using 20-5-10, 50% at the rate of 62 lbs. per 1/4 acre.
Fertilization Schedule
  • 1st Service: Balanced fertilization with fast and slow release. Crabgrass pre-emergent control and weed control.
  • 2nd Service: Balance fertilization with nitrogen, potash, and phosphate, for deep green color and root development.
  • 3rd Service: Fertilization with fast and slow release for balanced feeding. Broadleaf weed control, insect and grub control.
  • 4th Service: Balance fertilization with iron and Micro-nutrients, slow and fast release for color and root strength.
  • 5th Service: For cold months balance fertilization and lime.
Weekly Maintenance
  • Turf to be cut to a height of 2"- 2.5" on a weekly basis.
  • Trim and edge around all landscape beds, existing trees, curbs, and sidewalks.
  • Weekly weeding of all landscape beds.
  • Air blow all curbs, and sidewalks on a weekly basis and driveway as needed
  • Weekly removal of any litter and debris.
Call us anytime at (212) 555-4321 for more information or an initial consultation.
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Here is a broad look at our various services. All depend on the needs of your particular lawn.