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Plant of the Week

Red Azalea
Plant Information
  • Botanical Name: Azalea Exbury hybrids
  • Common Name: Red Azalea
  • Description: Deciduous
  • Size At Maturity: 3' to 5'
  • Suggested Planting Size: 1 Gallon Up
  • Suggested Uses: Garden Color, backgrounds, hedges, shade garden, fence and borders.
  • Comments: This variety of Azalea will take a lot more sun than most, and also grows more upright. It's disease resistant and is an ideal azalea for gardeners who want a low-maintenance, dependable shrub that blooms year after year.
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This gorgeous red beauty blooms for a few weeks in the late spring. Hardy and able to take shade or sun conditions, it's a mainstay shrub for this area and an eye-opener for anyone who loves azaleas!